The SEAN MAGUIRE interviews with Yours Truly

Hi Friends!
Sean interviewed me for two hours on 10th June 2020 where I gave more of my own testimony plus some updates inlcuding on the status of attempted proceedings against me in Ireland, The Hampstead Case and the tragic case of Baby H.

I will include the previous two podcasts with Sean from 2019 and 2018 I believe, with the most recent one first
I also ordered Sean’s poetry book which is excellent for any interested!

Follow Sean Maguire he has fascinating guests every Wednesday for more than a decade now!

the next one is March 2019 with Sean, myself and Andy Devine
Youy may need to copy paste the links if they do not click in here

Here is one from October 2018

It is good to just have them all in the one place, and worth listening to even in archives !

I may transfer the last one to youtube but meanwhile do visit Sean on facebook or his blog as linked and share this especially to those researching or suffering from child trafficking, ritual abuse with drugging, military mkultra projects etc

God Bless and as always, if you would like to contribute to my work you can do so with and THANKYOU to those who do even to cover basic costs!