BabyH & other heartbreaking stories…STOP FORCED ADOPTION!!

Some of you who follow my facebook page Angela Power Disney are familiar with the case referred to as #BabyH which is a cross border attempt by the authorities through closed courts at forced adoption of a newborn, whose parents fled from the jurisdiction of Lisburn Social Servies in the North across the border to the Republic of Ireland, in a desperate last minute attempt to prevent their child being taken at birth for forced adoption.

I am walking a thin line in terms of the secrecy of proceedings which I believe is the enemy of transparency and justice. I think details being suppressed by the law in secret family courts in fact protect the adults particularly those working for the courts and social services, rather than the children being taken.

The following was a public social media posting by the fiance of the Lisburn Social Worker implicated in many of these forced adoption cases: “Carry out sorted 6 cases of magners and 3 litres of jack that should do us a while for this messy weekend at kilmacud !! Only one problem we have lost the child”
The child referred to presumably either given birth to by said social worker aged 17 or mysteriously acquired or adopted…..if Social Workers and their partners were scrutinised anywhere near as closely as parents then most would be fired, and in my opinion the Social Worker in question here definitely should be.

If I am charged or jailed for contempt of court, or if indeed the parents in this or other cases I am following are jailed, as many have been, it may be a price worth paying to finally turn the tide on a flood of forced adoptions especially at birth throughout the western world. Jesus said Even if you kill me, the very rocks and stones will cry out, and He also says the blood of innocent children will cry out for justice from the ground.

It should also be noted with regard to the BabyH case that his Mother´s face name and details were splashed all over mainstream media, including television in the North and most police boards over the border, when she was reported as missing 2 days before giving birth safely in Cavan General Hospital. The grandmother was threatened with never seeing her grandchildren again by a social worker if she did not disclose her daughter´s whereabouts. This illegally forced information was passed on to Interpol elevating the situation to a cross border man hunt for these brave parents seeking only to save their precious son.

I include here a few livestream video updates I did so far on facebook, some alone and some with the parents of BabyH without their faces appearing on camera. These updates received thousands of views, as well as articles and links posted by myself and others of relevance.

Daily update on #BabyH

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PLEASE NOTE…NOT ALL MY FACEBOOK LIVESTREAMS SUCCESSFULLY EMBEDDED….for the full unfolding story please visit my public facebook group THE WOMAN AT THE WELL…A Christian group for the NON religious!

There is a superb interview by Richie Allen with a Grandmother from Wales whose grand daughter was taken at birth despite her son and husband joining with her in desperately fighting for the right to raise their own child. This is a shocking, evidence based baptism of fire into the truth of forced adoptions, and what amounts to organised child trafficking by our governments.

I also include a rousing speech a T.D. in the Dail in Ireland made recently about the elitism of the judiciary, judges and barristers being selected from a very small elect circle and meeting and electing in secret through a society called The Benchers.

So called evidence gathered by Lisburn Social Services with witnesses ongoingly produced in court in the South, includes testimony from an S.S. selected psychologist with a date on his assessment of the Mother before he even met with her. The Father, much maligned and indeed targeted in this case is a gentle and heart-broken man who has not been in trouble with the law since 2003 and has done nothing to merit the theft of his son, in my heartfelt opinion and after in depth disclosures.

Both parents are children of the war in the North of Ireland and like most of us, neither has an unblemished past. The question is should Ireland as a society north and south allow more PHILOMENA´s to grow up in adoption once again, this time at the hands of the state when those horrors are supposedly halted by the church. And as I say this is a worldwide practise especially in the West that goes against God´s ordained sacrament of marriage and parenting. Children unless in extreme and acute danger were never created to be raised by strangers and especially not for PROFIT in the modern day fostering and adoption industry and believe me it IS an industry.

Please pray, share and ACT specifically on the following points
1. If you can be at CAVAN DISTRICT COURT on Tuesday 12th September from 10am to stop the attempt at returning the baby born in the free state being forcibly returned to Lisburn Social Services in the North for forced adoption proceedings to go ahead then PLEASE DO MAKE A POINT OF COMING, AND IF YOU CAN MAKE BANNERS OR POSTERS, SAVE BABYH, STOP FORCED ADOPTION etc or even print T shirts that would be hugely helpful….this really could be the last hearing in the South if we do not have Divine intervention and boots on the ground

2. Please look out for a support group for Parents victimised by Lisburn Social Services due to be set up on facebook, and form support groups yourselves amongst parents who have had their children effectively stolen from them, wherever in the western world…it sounds corny but this is going to take grass roots activism, networking, support and communication amongst the families affected to gain organised momentum. I am not one for protests but was never so proud as when the people of Ireland stood up against the illegal and profiteering WATER CHARGES and won! How much more important our precious children and future?

3. Please contact your local T.D. in the South or M.P. in the North and urge them to attend the court hearing peaceful protest outside, as the public are barred from proceedings, and journalists limited as to what they can report. If a society cannot protect the institution of family and the most vulnerable as in their newborns, then little else seems of relevance or concern? Jeffrey Donaldson M.P. has responded to the parents pleas for help and it would be a great show of constituent care for him to attend and SUPPORT. Local Cavan and Meath even Dublin T´D´S also more than welcome. The protection of children over rides political or sectarian differences surely?

4. Please share this far and wide. We all have children we love, whether our own, our grandchildren, our extended families and so on …if we do not stop this horrific practise of forced adoption it could be YOUR children next…..may God forbid.

5. Please donate if you can either through my GOFUNDME/JOURNOANGIE page on my website clearly marking the gift BABYH or private message me on or on facebook for the parents gofundme page. This is to help cover travel and living expenses as well as to expand the legal team, currently standing a a legal aid team for the Mother in the South, but needing more heads than one to win this David and Goliath battle for BabyH and all those in his position. Let us put an end to this barbaric practise of forced adoption on the ISLAND of Ireland and beyond PLEASE!

6. Please print out and distribute leaflets, feel free to reproduce anything from this article, from my facebook page, from the parents releases, whatever it takes to LET PEOPLE KNOW what is going on once again in Ireland, in the UK, in the so called “colonies´”, in America and beyond. MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE …let us inform ourselves and OCCUPY until Jesus comes to put an end to this evil. If you, like me, are a follower of Jesus please share this information at your church too and ask for true Christians to remember the scripture FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. Thankyou xx

See also my latest video update in an upcoming blog or on my facebook page, and watch out on facebook for livestreams starting up again this coming week for as long as freedom of speech prevails. There is a tab at the top of this website to SUBSCRIBE for regular updates, just type in your name and e mail address and be sure to click CONFIRM on the validation e mail you will receive

Thankyou for you support in saving BabyH and others too many to mention but at the centre of parents with broken hearts the western world over .


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