#CreditUnion Loophole around Last Will and Testaments?

Hi Friends, Foes and Countrymen!!

I have spent much of 2022 putting my own house in order, and learning a different way to respond to grand theft and larceny which has been a FEATURE of my mk life!! I am attempting to give my best shot at AVOIDING more injustices both by the crypto scamming by alleged friends and the will muddying by family members …..this is not my first rodeo in terms of family deaths, and unlawful administration of their estates. This started with my sister’s suspicious death in 2015 aged 58, followed by my Mother’s aged 87 and culminating in my 95 year old Father’s! Heuston we have a PROBLEM.

My Father was taken to his solicitor about a decade ago in an attempt by my younger sibling to have him change his will including a 4 acre field, to leave it to her son, my nephew. The good solicitor deemed my Father NOT OF CAPACITY due to a dementia diagnosis and would not authorise changing of the will originally made in 1998. A family member, presumably said sibling, then had my elderly Father NOMINATE her as authorised to administer his savings account, and funnelled tens of thousands into said account which was in direct conflict with his will, which ordered ALL ASSETS equally divided amongst his children.

The Credit Union have initially advised me that the ONUS was on said family member to DISCLOSE medical diagnosis and last will and testament terms. I am DETERMINED to have the CREDIT UNION change their policy and require both medical confirmation and last will and testament details BEFORE allowing vulnerable elderly clients NOMINATE someone to administer and inherit their savings! I am informed by the local CREDIT UNION that there is a cap of 23,000 that a nominated person can control outside of the executorship of the estate. This is an ongoing situation!

Whatever happens to my Father’s savings, boosted considerably by the estate of my DIED SUDDENLY sister in 2015 (and it WASN’T THE JAB!), I am still to inherit some land, and currently feel that I should NOT sell that to the highest bidder! See John B Keane THE FIELD!

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LOVE as always, Hannukah Greetings and enjoy the holidays