December Update with Angie, Aaron & Ruby!!

Hi Friends and Happy New Gregorian Year ha!


I feel vulnerable and nervous but also strangely excited because GOD IS ABLE TO DO EXCEEDING, ABUNDANTLY ABOVE all we can ask or think or imagine!

So in preaching to myself, I encourage you also to KEEP DREAMING new dreams and create new life!

RUBY got betrothed for the first time aged 7 and it did not go ideally…the stud owner says there is only a 20% chance she is in pup this time but I am praying she is !! We will know around mid February

Enjoy the update and PLEASE SHARE IT …it is sensitive and hugely relevant to survivors

I SALUTE the women who have personally engaged with me and TESTIFIED to escaping from toxic and violent relationships …keep walking out your healing and BE PROUD because you escaped xxxxx BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO! Your children will thank you for generations to come

I would really appreciate any end of year financial support that people can AFFORD….a large proportion of my subscribers and followers are survivors and part of the devastation of abuse is financial hardship so please do NOT contribute if you are struggling xx If you have overcome, this is my support link and it makes a big difference to my life and my work xx

Please subscribe to both youtube channels if you have not already and here is the link to the invaluable Archives of Truth associate channel xx

Love as always,

Angie and Aaron xx