Hoaxed Analysis by an Academic #AlisonAitken re #HampsteadCoverUp

Hi Friends and Welcome to our ongoing endeavors for 2023!

Here is Part THREE of an English Teacher from Australia’s analysis of the heavily promoted podcast HOAXED with host ALEXI MOSTROUS of Tortoise Media

Please share this and know that the mainstream media is planning and executing another onslaught of denial to include a CHANNEL FOUR documentary also trying to debunk the Hampstead Case, due out later this year!

Hoaxed is an 8 part podcast on Apple, Spotify and Tortoise Media etc which was hugely promoted by UK Newspapers and registered Number One podcast in Australia for a while and Number Six in the UK. Profit is being made from allegedly debunking what we have long considered to be truth, and the truth IS, it is probably not just profit that is being sought but the ongoing COVERING UP OF DARK TRUTH regarding child trafficking, satanic ritual abuse, child porn distribution, snuff movies, drugs and so on ad infinitum

Thanks again to Alison for her academic work, and we will continue to blog it as released

Kind Regards as always

Angie and Aaron xx