Ella speaks truth & Alison Update Part 4 #Hampstead

Hi Friends and THANK YOU to those who are once again closely following the HAMPSTEAD COVER UP satanic ritual abuse case in London, England dating back to 2014/15

First of all, I would like to feature an update by the Mother of the Hampstead Children, now 17 & 16, the evidence she speaks of I can corroborate having closely followed this case since 2015

Ella is swimming upstream constantly as a Mother of children who disclosed and was subsequently demonised and alienated and indeed hounded out of the country. The fact that Ella is also Russian, in the current climate of war is yet another hurdle in getting her truth out there.

Many of the truths Ella speaks of, I have been aware of since 2016…she has had formidable legal support including from someone who was cautioned and gagged, resulting in being unable to visit her son in America….many have paid a high price to campaign for truth and justice in this history-changing case, including myself. In the links below, you can support the Mother including for her legal battle to win the freedom of her beautiful children, especially as they are being used in a mass mainstream media push to once again debunk SRA before they come of age next year and the year after.


Here is Ella’s website:


And here is part 4 of the Australian School Teacher’s review and analysis of the TORTOISE MEDIA podcast series by ex MSM journo ALEXI MOSTROUS

If you can help in any way, pray, share, subscribe, LOBBY your M.P.’s / Congressmen and women etc PLEASE DO!

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Love as always, and Remember …2023 is THE year of complete exposure and then JUSTICE????

Angie and Aaron xx