International activist & political refugee #LukeMcKee in 2023!

Hi Friends, Foes & Countrymen!

Trigger warning for the main interview video here, although Luke may accuse me of being spell bound in social engineering!

We can all agree that CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE ABUSED OR TRAFFICKED and that is my premise in continueing to host this controversial ANGRY YOUNG MAN who has risked his life like many others, to fight child abuse on an international stage and context….

Intro as I dare to put the interview up on my second youtube channel and risk a strike but hey ho …

and below is the interview with Luke for a New Year…you might want to grab a pen and pad as he drops evidence sources throughout and his research is vast

Please share if you dare, and contribute if you can, and be sure to find Luke on his multiple links as spoken in the video THANK YOU

love Angie xx