#Hampstead, #AlexiMostrous, #RickyDearman

Hi Friends,

Since I republished the video testimonies of THE HAMPSTEAD CHILDREN on bitchute in September last year, #AlexiMostrous published multiple “debunking” articles on main stream media for whom he worked and still influences!

The plan to WEAPONISE the children yet again if what are in my opinon FORCED RETRACTIONS has been in place for YEARS!!

Those poor children!! Please PRAY intensely for the scales to fall from their eyes, for the trauma based mind control to GLITCH and fail, for the hypnotism to short circuit and for the children now almost adults to once again SPEAK THE TRUTH!! Please pray that, with all your hearts, as the children are deeply programmed now and weaponised.

This is the evidence from Ricky Dearman’s public Facebook profile,doing his best to estinguish the fire on his throne!

I am almost non verbal with the upset of this gross injustice and that of millions worldwide…I was selectively or electively mute as a child to the point that I was taken to a Speech Therapist to find out why I was non verbal. When I finally started speaking, it was in full sentences. Trauma has horrific consequences.

Please research deeply the HAMPSTEAD COVER UP. And please PRAY and support my work and that of others exposing SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE and cover ups at the highest levels.

Check the description box under each of my videos for my gofundme link and please support myself and my assistant financially if you can xx


love Aaron and Angie xx

P.S. The youtube recording has been interfered with …the captions still work but I will try to correct this hacking sabotage and I am not exagerrating !!