#LukeMcKee , #CancelCulture , #BookBurning & the #OTO !

Hi Folks,

As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all its’ men and women merely players” !

If I were to be a paranoid conspiracy theorist, I might speculate that Luke could be a fed sent in to crash and burn vulnerable whistleblowers like myself or John Sunol!!

However, I prefer to trust my intuition, and have tried to rein Luke in during our many interviews to convince this legendary, ANGRY YOUNG MAN that his truth is enough, backed up by stunning evidence, and without the need for ad hominum attacks or personal vitriol!

Due to my proclivity for interviewing maverick geniuses I seem to have acquired yet another target on my back at the hands of an international satanic group, highly protected and with many compromised members in high places. So be it. Let God be true and every man a liar!

Part 3 of my interview series with Luke recently got taken down by youtube despite being over a year old, and earned me a second strike! ALL MY WORK IS BACKED UP and censorship will only magnify my reach!! Here are links from my BITCHUTE to both parts 3 & 4

#LukeMcKee the Final Interview 2023 , Professional Trolling, Infiltration & Honeytraps!

I read out the abusive messages from Kat aka Anxious in the above video from my instagram…if anyone would like forensic proof of same, do contact me!! There are other videos with Luke on my channel and others including in America with Jim Fetzer, Josh Monday etc for those with ears to hear and eyes to see and fingers to do the research!!

I hope NEVER to mount a legal defence fund ha ha but if you would like to help me close out my journalism account on target, please donate here and THANK YOU!


love always, and onwards and upwards!!

Angie and Aaron xx