#SabineMcNeill 4 The Final Interview with Angie!!

Hey Friends!

My youtube channel is under attack co incidentally or otherwise since I started the interview series with Sabine! I got a strike for a video almost two years old on Cathy Fox, after featuring one of his articles in a Sabine interview (yes his)…. I then got a second strike for also a video older than a year in a series with a survivor and activist named Luke McKee!

As anyone familiar with youtube will know, they operate a policy of Three Strikes and your channel is GONE….and strategic targeting of videos going back years is used as a malicious tactic to silence truth tellers! I have been going to bat with youtube about this on twitter and God can do anything including preserving my more than a decade of work on youtube ….strikes expire after 90 days so holding my breath lol but also laid down my work before my God having backed it all up…

I have been very blessed the past few years with younger, tech savvy people including a gentleman who has spent days and days and downloaded every video from my channel on to a telegram group he is kind enough with a friend to run for me! And then we have Aaron who with aplomb and serendipity backs up my work sometimes only days before the Tech Monsters disappear it!!

It was healing for me to re connect with Sabine after the tumult of the years since we connected over The Hampstead Case way back in 2015. Sabine also reports great comfort from going public again and receiving international support including therapy and group start ups….an exciting court challenge is in the pipeline and being prepared by top legal experts, as well as a new international network soon to be launched….communication is KEY!!

Here is the final video….this one and the last are on my associate channel run by Aaron because I first received a 7 day ban and now a 14 day ban from uploading!! Please subscribe to Archives of Truth if you have not already, and my blog angelascaches which requires a confirmation e mail response

I have technically retired from online journalism for many reasons including poor health and plans to move, selling up my house and moving back to the family land…..I also am due multiple surgeries, and am BLACK PILLED as they call it with the depth of research I have done and the shock ongoingly of infiltration, co intel pro and fake news in cyber space! HOWEVER if the Solicitor General of the UK who recently served me out of jurisdiction with intimidating paperwork INSISTS on going head to head on contempt of court allegations or as I like to call it Contempt FOR court on my part when the courts in Anglesey in my opinion acted unlawfully and immorally, I could well be forced OUT OF RETIREMENT lol!

Equally if any other dinosaurs or leviathon spirits manifest, I will put on the FULL ARMOUR OF GOD and come out fighting to the end rather than taking the knee in fear…..I did not do decades of truth telling to end up cowering in a corner

If you have enjoyed our work, please help me reach the two year goal of my gofundme before I retire it and THANK YOU to the faithful who kept me online all these years!


I WILL KEEP BLOGGING and my assistants will carry on the good work…I am always available as an information and fact resource, and am excited to be collaborating with international journalists and activists particularly on the Anke Hill Case…the biggest cover up since Hampstead! Just as the Philip Schofield web is the biggest media cover up since Jimmy Savile….something HAS TO GIVE and we WILL reach the 100th monkey!

love always,

Angie and Aaron xx

p.s. Maybe in retirement I will finally PUBLISH my books!!