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Hi Friends,

My Mother died a couple of years back, in fact 3 this year. My research of the generations of no consent government programmes connected to MKUltra has not ended. With regard to the recent revelations they came to light because two of my three children got their DNA analysed by 123.com…

You will see from the video that my Mother’s supposed birth genetics showed up nowhere in the dna history. Rather a mysterious, ancient Romany gypsy strand showed up and in the video in the Field I explain and hypothesise how this could have happened….

During this tumultuous time of burying both my parents and all that comes with that, I was triggered into childhood nursery rhyme programming and include in this blog the particular rhyme I was reciting in #thefield whilst processing past and present trauma…the most disturbing line is Here comes the chopper to chop off your head….who puts THAT in a childrens’ nursery rhyme and why????

The video tells the story. I include here my Mother’s obituary….according to my research and experience she was clearly a pre cursor to mkultra experiments. She was born in 1933, raised upper middle class protestant, then thrust into private Jesuit influenced catholic education with a gifted child “scholarship”,,,,offered a further scholarship to pursue opera and piano which her Father disallowed…she had also been evacuated from London during the Blitz in World War II, married off to my father for which her family disowned her…

This is history and I remark in the video I am glad my Mother did not discover aged 87 that she had been trafficked or adopted and never known her entire life.

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My Mother’s obituary. She had finally made it to college aged 53 where she graduated in European Community Studies at MAYNOOTH COLLEGE in Dublin, and worked in a voluntary capacity for the local council and community for three decades until she died. On some level, I suspect like myself she was still a pawn.

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love as always and we are not disappearing just adapting!!

Angie and Aaron xx