#AnkeHill imprisoned Mother…court docs for reporting, OUT of jurisdiction, intimidatory HERE THEY ARE with just my address and case # redacted!

Hi Friends, FOES and Countrymen ha ha!

I have a relatively modest blog and online platform, although it seems a large proportion of my followers are JUDGES, SOLICITORS and SOCIAL WORKERS as well as your common or garden TROLLS you gotta love them ha ha!

TODAY my blog has had over 1,700 hits after the recent coverage of being threatened and intimidated by the SOLICITOR GENERAL of the UK as far as I understand OUT OF JURISDICTION by trying to bring Contempt of Court proceedings against me for reporting FROM the Republic of Ireland on an outrageously suppressed court case in WALES which last time I checked, was part of the UNITED KINGDOM….my English granpa HAROLD DUPREE was part Welsh and the CELTS cover many parts of Europe so this is a puzzle indeed.

Here are copies of the intimidatory bundle of papers served on me IN PERSON a week or so ago ….see video in my last, much viewed blog!!

If I cave to these threats I invalidate all my efforts of the last decade and really lifetime of fighting for TRUTH to come to light. It is not ME who has compromised the BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD but rather the courts ABUSING the D Notice option for risks to national security

Despite the documents seeming to communicate to my g mail account, no such documents were sent that way, only a goon appearing at my front door as documented in previous blog, with what seemed to me to be a Northern accent, thus making him possibly an agent for the British Empire??

Thanks to all who have reached out in support. The evidence on this case is now disseminated way further afield, many people have my back, but more importantly are PUTTING THE UK JUDICIAL SYSTEM under the microscope, and looking out for VICTIMS of it including the poor Mother locked up on a 15 year sentence INCOMMUNICADO….her healthy father dead with the shock and stress, and most importantly her beloved only child STILL ENTRAPPED WITH THE ALLEGED ABUSERS HE NAMED

Lord have mercy on the righteous and wreak JUDGEMENT on the wicked I pray in Jesus Name

I am retiring from journalism mid June but will robustly defend myself in this case….if you can support our work financially, and there is NO obligation to do so, but if you can, it is greatly appreciated, and put to very good use….here is my gofundme


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Angie and Aaron xx