Fake Service of Papers from Wales in Ireland!!!! #AnkeHill

Hi Friends, Foes, Countrymen and AGENTS OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE!!!!!

I was moderately astounded today to answer the door to a suspicious man who claimed to represent the courts despite being ANOTHER COUNTRY away from their jurisdiction!! As I gathered myself enough to pick up my phone and start filming him, he made a speedy exit and the only thing I regret is not taking his registration number on his car, although I did get sight of it…..note to self for potential future incursions by those complicit in COVERING UP ALLEGED SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE and CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE ….shame on you!!!!

Any assistance in identifying this agent with very bad manners would be appreciated! He seemed to me to have a northern Irish accent although my surprise could have me fooled but do please assist in his exposure which is little better and possibly worse than being a bailiff or an eviction thug….

Due to my having been CANCELLED after millions of engagements about 3 years ago, I lost a huge facebook profile and my main journalism youtube channel ….for a PLAYLIST of the Anke Hill case see the following

Here is my PUBLIC response to the intimidation and out of jurisdiction and without casement number or files and immoral grounds INTIMIDATION package delivered today …please PRAY SHARE AND RETWEET !


please DO CLICK ON THE ABOVE LINK as my response shared on bitchute!!!!

I will scan in each page of this intimidation bundle delivered by an “I was only doing my job” goon and upload it in the next blog. Please subscribe to my blog and youtube channel, follow on facebook, twitter and instagram as THEY ARE COMING FOR ME lol!! As I approach old age pension status and was about to retire!!!!

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love as always and forever!! When will the DRAMA STOP??? Is this the new normal?? We have to laugh like God does from the Heavens as He watches the predator class in their desperation xx

Angie and Aaron xx