BANNED!! Brief video from 2021 on Cathy Fox, Jessie Czebotar and SATANIST Lucien Greaves!!

Hi Friends,

I have been upset all day by a strike on a video of 11 minutes duration totally factually based from 2021 like TWO YEARS AGO!!

It came the DAY AFTER I graciously featured the blog by Cathy Fox who apparently is A MAN …I reluctantly featured his work on my last SABINE blog because like all good CO INTEL PRO agents, the Cathy Fox blog disseminates a lot of truth and stunning truth!

We are indeed living in a POST TRUTH WORLD and I earnestly ask you to pray protection over my body of work of decades …

I have APPEALED the strike with youtube and will keep you updated. Meanwhile, as with most of my BANNED work, you can find it on my bitchute channel and please subscribe to my blog also ….I recently had 3 defamation claims on my channel and now a random strike so could be being targeted again xx

Every time the censors come down on me HARD, I will come back harder!! I am a very peaceable woman with no desire for conflict, and indeed an AVERSION to it due to extreme childhood trauma! If people PRESSURISE me with unjust censorship I have no choice but to RESPOND with truth until I die!!!!!

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love always,

Angie and Aaron xx