#SoundofFreedom overview and deep dive!

Hi Friends, Foes and Countrymen!

This is a controversial topic and transitioning into retirement and book writing mode, I mostly AVOID controversy these days. But some things still upset me enough to want to speak out, in whatever modest way I can!

When I say MODEST I do not under estimate the reach of this blog so kindly created by Hope Girl all those years ago, and so kindly supported by my beautiful assistant Aaron so we DO accept humbly the mantle of INFLUENCER!

We are fast approaching 1.2 million hits on the blog, multi millions of hits on facebook, and a fairly decent growth on twitter, and then instagram which mysteriously blocked me from posting recently with no notification, but is back on track…

Then my beautiful mystery colleague who runs a modest telegram channel in the wild west that is that corner!!

So in this blog, I am going to share a few videos of authentic RESEARCH and EVIDENCE on Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel….Jim is deeply involved with the catholic church and pictured widely bowing to the imo luciferian pope in subjugation. TIM has a much darker background including the leak of a WHITEBOARD CONFERENCE to which he invited 10 millionaire investors…he had them each sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, but at least one was so shocked at his presentation of the movie and accompanying plan including TV series that they LEAKED THE INFORMATION!!

In the WHITEBOARD meeting, Tim presented to Mormon millionaire investors assuring them that even though OPERATION UNDERGROUND RAILROAD would be a non profit organisation, he showed and demonstrated that funds could be channelled off to PROFIT making organisations run by investors and family members under the radar…it is quite sickening to behold and uncover, and it gives me no pleasure to distribute and share the BLACK PILL!

My christian colleague CHARISSA met Tim in person and as someone who has come out of MORMONISM and is whistle blowing, she has a unique perspective. Tim told prospective investors he would not just carve out a way for funds to reach personal bank accounts, but would also evangelise people to the MORMON FAITH!!

I have not watched the movie and maybe won’t….I agree Hollywood type mega movies can influence people and raise awareness….I just need to show the underbelly of what is going on and the mind control being employed by a diabolical combination of the Catholic Church and most especially Mormonism!

I will share a few videos and invite serious researchers to dig deeper….I unsubscribed from COLD BEER CONFESSIONAL after watching his well researched expose of the people behind the movie…it is over 4 hours long and the vulgarity and normalisation of sexual perversion as comedy is just a bridge too far for me in Will’s presentations. I do however salute his research.

He references Lyn Packer and one other channel for evidence. And it is credibly alleged that the Director of Sound of Freedom is a convicted paedophile!! Please people, as the tired saying goes, DO SOME RESEARCH but really!! And look for trafficking, abuse and SATANIC COVENS in your OWN neighbourhood….you will find evidence right in your own town!!

Funding for the movie includes people connected intimately to the CLINTON FOUNDATION and the PODESTAS!! And one of the overspills of the OUR foundation is ADOPTION AGENCIES! Mostly sold into Mormon families with little oversight.

An investigation into the finances of Operation Underground Railroad, from which incidentally Tim has just resigned or disappeared, was strangely ABORTED shortly before the release of the movie this July 4th Independance Day in America. The Grand Jury was simply DISMISSED without even having concluded its investigations….nothing to see here, move along please clearly being the instruction from the high ups in the Mormon Church.

The firm hired to audit Operation Underground Railroad financess in the millions is ITSELF being investigated for false auditing!!

Skip to about 1 hour 7 minutes for the subject of the movie Sound of Freedom and the reference to source research ….sorry, this is a long vlog to which I have subscribed for more than a year, due to the excellence and accuracy of the research!

I just finally ran out of steam on de sensitising myself from the vulgarity! The road is narrow and ever narrowing. Pray for Will…he is a backslidden christian with many family members pastoring in the church! He is also a hardened, combat veteran with post traumatic stress disorder.

Will references two authoritative and evidence based channels including that of LYN PACKER so we include a couple videos here from those sources, but do listen for the references yourselves and look in to this?

This is CRUCIAL evidence above. And I cannot listen to JIM CAVIEZEL saying he is not a freemason, he just likes square and compass ties….come ON People pray for Holy Spirit DISCERNMENT???

Having said and shared all the above, it reminds me of a biblical tale of a prophet being sent to curse the people of God yet no matter HOW HARD HE TRIED he could only pronounce blessings!! DESPITE the dark origins and scheming for the money making and diversion through this movie Sound of Freedom IS STILL RAISING AWARENESS!!

This is an unfolding story and this long podcast with multiple guests and witnesses is well worth the listen. The podcaster himself is head of yet another 501C3 non profit and hasn’t disclosed his salary but seems to be doing good work despite in the past being on the wrong side of truth re Covid and Pizzagate!

I close with the scripture WHAT THE DEVIL MEANT FOR HARM, GOD CAN TURN TO GOOD and implore people to find the trafficking and ritual abuse MUCH CLOSER TO HOME and help individuals rather than send tax deductible millions to less than reputable, alleged NON PROFIT organisations

Much love as always and don’t shoot the messengers ha!

Angie and Aaron

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