YEARS of evidence on #Mormon corruption, ritual abuse, demon possession & #Sound of Freedom!!

Gordon Bowen

Hi Friends!

I have spent multiple hours researching a relatively new field for me, that is MORMONISM or the Church of the Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ….members form a HUGE part of the C.I.A., and other intelligence services. They are raised with an intense work ethic and a clean shaven public image. My guest of the series on Spiritual Warfare, Charissa, came out of high level, bloodline mormonism and is whistle blowing from the mountaintops…check my youtube channel!

Lynn Kenneth Packer is an elderly, I believe in his 70’s Mormon journalist (says me in my 60’s ha!)…..he is quaint, Democrat leaning, and suffering in my opinion from some cognitive dissonance on subjects like pizzagate, covid, masks and jabs etc! If you watch only one video, please watch the one on the subject of my thumbnail, a multi millionaire advertising executive called GORDON BOWEN

HOWEVER, his journalistic skills are impeccable and evidence based!!! He has been exposing corruption particularly within the Mormon church for decades….from multi level marketing scams to Utah being the fraud capital of America, to ritua abuse being covered up…….one of these videos is STUNNING and documents a high level advertising millionaire reporting on his own demonic possession…..

If you have or make the time, this is an absolute treasure trove of solid, evidence-based information, and I would recommend downloading the videos as Lynn himself says he could be taken out at any time and he is happy to take that risk…….more of a hero than Tim Ballard and other multi millionaires I would suggest

Aaron and myself are going to gather as many videos relating to Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad as we can, this might take you a week or a month to wade through, but in my opinion it is priceless research. I am going to share a disclosure from the IMAGINATION PODCAST by a survivor of MKULTRA whose testimony particularly in reference to the Church of Latter Day Saints and its leader HINCKLEY is stunning ….trigger warning

Back to most of the historical evidence on Ballard and O.U.R.

the FOLLOWING VIDEO if you watch no other, is stunning….this is about a world renowned advertising, multi millionaire executive sometimes found trembling naked fighting off demon possession due to his dabbling in the dark side of ritual abuse

I have spent as I said multiple hours and days researching Packer’s work….it left me kind of devastated and yet again I urge people to DOWNLOAD and MIRROR these videos as they contain irrefutable proof and are likely to be scrubbed from the internet if the powers that should not be have their way …PLEASE GO THROUGH ALL MR PACKER’S INTERVIEWS FOR THOSE RELEVANT TO Sound of Freedom and THRIVE leaders for the background and context of what is basically a psychological operation despite having some good outcomes and benefits but with a motive for making millions and distracting from home grown paedophilia

this is a resource folks …please subscribe to the LynnKenneth Packer channel on youtube and PRAY for his safety as he really has risked his life telling the truth for more decades than most of us have lived

love always,

Angie and Aaron xx