The #EllaGareeva Polygraph Test

Hi Friends!

I have been asked to re post the Mother of the #Hampstead Children’s polygraph/lie detector test and am happy to do so. It would surely be beneficial for the father to also undertake the same??

Although that could seem too simple to the powers that should not be, just as examining accused, alleged abusers for birthmarks, tattoos and piercings to confirm or discredit the extensive disclosures by not one but TWO corroborating witnesses, namely the heroic HAMPSTEAD CHILDREN seemed beyond the grasp or remit of the investigating police led by #SteveMartin or fact finding judge Anna Pauffley!!

Remember please the Hampstead Two in your prayers, Alisa turns 18 this year and Gabriel next year. Despite millions all over the world praying and campaigning, we did not manage to get them rescued YET….They did however CHANGE HISTORY and raised awareness like none before them about child trafficking and ritual abuse.

This is Ella’s website and her ongoing legal fund if any wish to connect or support

love always,

Angie and Aaron xx