#thefield blog 3! #Sovereignty & the over reach of #CountyCouncils

Hi Dear Friends and Supporters,

Many of you have reached out to me privately, asking why I have been uncharacteristically SILENT on my youtube channel! I feel as if in some ways I am betraying my original mission statement which in a nutshell was THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!

I DID have to deal with first a seven day and then a 14 day ban from uploading, and carrying 2 strikes on my channel, the first for a very, long time……….my series with legend #SabineMcNeill ruffled a few feathers in satanic places, and my go to feather ruffler #LukeMcKee can also be counted on to send satanists into panic mode

There is a third element to my relative silence….I am transitioning into hopefully the last of 50 moves of home in my crazy, MKUltra life …..things are kind of in a chain in terms of selling my home, applying for planning permission and inheriting from my abuser and trafficking father, who did at least one decent thing in leaving the last remnants of his estate EQUALLY between the four surviving daughters, myself included

I recorded myself begging him a decade or so ago, saying I don’t care how little you leave, just leave it equally and he did. This is a family audio playlist much raped and abused by satanic trolls but he who has an ear to hear will hear the truth

I went to the remainig family land to have a vent about the over reach of local county council planning department, which is insisting on my providing details of my future domicile and confirmation of buyer’s financial details in order to CONSENT to my selling my home!! This seems outrageously intrusive and controlling and has almost succeeded in putting off my buyer…..I am on the fence as to whether to comply with their outrageous demands or kick up a stink and challenge the legality of their governmental interference in my personal and family life!! Contact me with your opinions and experiences as I cannot be the only one left gobsmacked at these terms and conditions!! Comments are disabled on my blog because it got spammed in the thousands but you can contact me on messenger or twitter dm or e mail at angiepowerdisney@gmail.com , or in youtube comments!

There have been many scandals at local county council level…corruption in the planning department where those found guilty were not fired or prosecuted, simply side promoted to a different department….county councillors registering the highest expense account claims in the whole of Ireland….T.D.’s having multiple rental properties undeclared etc….according to my Bible, ALL MEN (mankind!) ARE CREATED EQUAL BEFORE GOD and why should bureaucrats with less than perfect portfolios be able to destroy family heritage plans on private land???

OK RANT OVER for now but I WILL keep you posted and following are two short clips of where I intended to outline the above but instead enjoyed the horses!!

In case of FURTHER youtube bans or restrictions, PLEASE connect with me on other platforms and SUBSCRIBE to this blog with confirmation e mail and also subscribe to Archives of Truth the associate channel. Aaron had an OVERT surveillance incident undeniable by what we can only presume to be MI5 or GCHQ , including a voice message which transpired to be a recording of a real life conversation he had had only minutes earlier!! You literally could not make this stuff up unless you were writing James Bond movies!! We are LIVING in a movie and dangerous times. PRAY and LAUGH as we do because God laughs from Heaven and He has ALREADY WON!!

When my Father signed over the farm to my youngest sister, she discovered the extension he had built transforming the 2 bedroom cottage to an 8 bedroom mansion had never had planning permission! It was approved decades later before the transfer. Similarly, as another sister attempts to sell (for the second time but who’s counting ha!) my parents retirement bungalow, she has discovered her sale is also delayed as my Father never got planning permission for the garage, workshop, stables, kennels and paddock ha ha! One area where I relate to my Father, these were professionally built additions based on common sense and productivity so why the heck do the council need to approve??? Just asking!

LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST my costs are ongoing and this month the security certificate annual payment is due….I am also in financial limbo waiting for PERMISSIONS from authorities to be able to live….Jesus said, “I came to give you life, and life more abundantly” ! Let God be true and every man and bureaucrat a liar ha ha! PLEASE help me finish off my two year goal gofundme as things are challenging at the moment. And AS ALWAYS, if you are vulnerable and broke do NOT contribute but rather follow with prayers, comments, shares, likes, subscriptions etc and read the Word because God will never leave or forsake us, NOT ONE of us, not you not me xx


Love as ever and always, Angie and Aaron xx