New series on #SabineMcNeill’s battle with #Channel4 & #StoryFilms re #Hampstead “documentary” / hit piece!

Dear Friends!

Herein another project blog with 4 videos for you to digest and process! Most are on bitchute as a little too hot to handle on youtube!

Sabine has been working hard on healing from the trauma of over 4 years in a British jail in her 70’s, for WHISTLE BLOWING. Needless to say there is post traumatic stress and a re framing of the insanity of these years of her life when one could have forgiven her for taking things easy!

The videos are an audio overview of a new e book written by Sabine, gleaning from her own experience and current battle with mainstream media in the UK and the work of campaigners and survivors worldwide. Although the Hampstead Case was the hill on which Sabine was jailed, her scientific mind causes her to look for patterns and an overview both of which she found.

This may be the most important umbrella work since the rare and almost impossible to find book by British Author TIM TATE called CHILDREN FOR THE DEVIL. So many are asking, where can I learn about SRA? How can I help? Is there proof? Why do the powers that should not be work SO HARD to discredit and debunk it etc….in this e book with multiple links in the written version, people of conscience worldwide can educate themselves, from therapists to campaigners and fellow survivors alike. And alos hopefully for those working in media who are not beholden to corporations and blackmail!

The audio video readings are not complete, this was a collaboration work between myself and Sabine and several edits and additions were made as we went along. For the final version of the e book with all links, please contact Sabine on

If you prefer the written word with links as available through Sabine, just watch Parts 1 and 4 of the following for commentary and conversation between us!


The e book is available FREE to all and any who wish to acquire it. For those who would like to make a free will gift to Sabine for all she has done and CONTINUES TO DO even when fear still tries to overwhelm her.

This is Sabine’s paypal link

(As many of you know, one of the favoured tactics of pedo protecting trolls is to try and de platform campaigners from paypal so if that happens we will post a new youtube channel being set up by Sabine, with patreon monthly support options!) Subscribe to my blog for updates and remember to answer the confirmation e mail!


love always,

Angie and Aaron xx