#thefield Blog 4 … opposition & friendly fire

Hi Friends, Foes and Dishonourable Ones!

This blog might take you a few days but I promise it will be worth it, especially for any of my many followers on multiple platforms who can relate to this centuries old issue of feuding families, inheritances, scapegoats and injustice! If I can do nothing else, I can at least SPEAK OUT and even shout out from the mountain tops!

Having enjoyed a glorious few weeks of visiting my little acre of Heaven left by my father, sadly we have hit a rather large bump in the road, in the form of my 3 wicked sisters (modern day Cinderella story unfolding but no Prince in sight ha!) wanting the entire field SOLD at public auction to anyone at all for the highest price!

Call me old-fashioned but to me unless you are absolutely desperate financially (and they certainly are NOT!) it is entirely DISHONOURABLE to sell land that was intended for the children and the childrens’ children and so on to enjoy and steward! One reason my father gave the farm to just one daughter of the promised five (one sadly and suspiciously deceased), at a nominal, hugely discounted price was that he feared if we all shared in the 65 acre smallholding equally, it would be in danger of being broken up in family squabbles. How ironic.

The youngest seems not satisfied with her 33 remaining acres, the farm and the outbuildingsthe second youngest seems dissatisfied with selling the bungalow partly funded by our parents TWICE …these greedy little girls in adult bodies both want another pound of flesh and the eldest sister resident in the UK goes along to get along. EXACTLY the scenario my father said he was trying to prevent…

Both executors (not family) of the estate have resigned…costly and time consuming possibility of PROBATE is looming, and a solicitor previously acting for one of the executors even had the temerity to request I REMOVE my storage unit and DESIST from public videos so as “not to reduce the value of the land” fully anticipating a profitable public auction!

N.B. Of the original 65 acres, my father sold 16 to extend the farmhouse to its’ current 8 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens and 3 reception rooms. Also to pay for an extravagant 1st marriage of my second youngest sister. My father allegedly signed over or pledged a further 16 acres to Nicky (Annemarie’s son, now permanently resident in America as an elite athlete showjumper who did not come home for either of his grandparents funerals and will in my opinion likely sell the farm on inheritance) his first grandson as he had had no sons himself. My parents gifted the acre on which Sharon built her house and sold it TWICE!! He offered me 4 acres if I would agree to the farm being given to Annemarie at a knock down price. I never got him to put it in writing and he later reneged! I had gotten planning permission on that 4 acres on appeal, I designed the house myself and had the plans drawn up. My father asked to see them and I foolishly thought he was helping me build as my marriage had broken up. Instead he lied to the council saying I had returned to America, he got my planning permission transferred into his name and SOLD my dream home to strangers! Ugh what a mess. Oh and finally my father sold a FURTHER ten acres to a neighbouring farmer. His stated goal in leaving the lions share of the farm to just one of fie children was to avoid splitting up the smallholding….again – what IRONY!

I asked her how she would respond to being asked to cease and desist HER ativities professional and otherwise!

So, ever the rebel, here we have the latest videos! I had a fall 3 weeks ago that put me back on crutches, but am on the mend and hope to do another on location video in the very near future. I even bought a gimbal and podium for the recordings!! Meanwhile enjoy these and please PRAY for honour and integrity where it is lacking.

Storage static arriving in the field!!
Storage static on field cont’d!
the gospel of Mark Chapter 8 in dark and dangerous days
Desiderata…peace in the storm
Mark Chapter 9…A millstone around the neck

The final video is on my bitchute although I will eventually export it to my youtube channel also. It is a bit of a vent ( well a MEGA RANT actually ha ha!) and overview which will likely ruffle some feathers!

Everybody hates family feuding, but I have always in the past done the pseudo-christian thing of rolling over and submitting to dark and illegal injustice over and over and over again. It is time for family scapegoats to break the cycle, and for those who have feared the battles to find some courage! So limping into retirement I am attempting one last act of personal courage and endeavor.

Any prayers, advice or support very welcome!

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Love always,

Angie xxx