Mass, malicious reporting on #youtube…4 videos removed in a week!

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I am making this not just for the public, but to share with team youtube how malicious reporting works, and appeal to them to recognise it as such and not be so quick off the mark to remove and/or strike channels under troll attacks.

Between 28th October and 9th November 2023 my channel out of the blue got 3 videos removed, one with a strike, and associate channel Archives of Truth also got a video removal and strike. Aaron has 682 subscribers on that channel, lets help him get to 1,000 by subscribing if you haven’t already please!

The videos had been up for years and in fact one of them was actually recorded in 2016!

Even with AI (artificial intelligence), surely youtube can pick up when really old videos are getting flagged and reported, especially in a flurry of activity all in a short period of time? When such strategic attacks are employed, it might actually be more beneficial to investigate and penalise frivolous report makers, rather than penalise genuine content makers in a knee jerk reaction!

Here are the four videos now available on my bitchute. A considerable amount of time and forward planning enabled us to save and re publish them elsewhere. Youtube still remains the high visibility platform for videos, and no hard-working content creators enjoy the pressure and injustice of maliciously imposed channel strikes.


This BIBLE STUDY was removed based on a passing comment on scripture relating to the debacle of the recent “plague”, and was removed on grounds of MEDICAL MISINFORMATION!! AMAZINGLY YouTube is still pumping out the SAFE AND EFFECTIVE narrative according to the W.H.O. who have back tracked on that, and despite MULTIPLE lawsuits in many countries, some already successful, precisely because the jibby jabs and mandated protocols were NOT safe and effective???

What our policy says
YouTube doesn’t allow content that poses a serious risk of egregious harm by spreading medical misinformation about currently administered vaccines that are approved and confirmed to be safe and effective by local health authorities and by the World Health Organization (WHO).”

I will tag team youtube with this blog on X and hope for removal of the strikes and an upgrade in their policies in identifying frivolous and malicious, targeted reporting.

The videos cover different subjects, from the satanic Ordo Temple Orientis to so called Medical Misinformation to part of the Heather and Angie series (search my blog or bitchute for all of that series!) and one random reading from the book written by Fiona Barnett….

I am so grateful to Aaron for his technical expertise in rescueing material intended to be scrubbed from the net, and I am grateful to my God for forewarning us on many occasions. Aaron backed up my entire original channel only FIVE DAYS before it got nuked at the hands of Biggi Boho and Mel V! Aaron also backed up this channel and both times quietly prompted to do so by the Holy Spirit!

If you can help us reach our two year independant media gofundme goal by the end of 2023, that would be hugely appreciated. It covers things like website and server fees, security software, zoom professional, and other apps crucial to keeping our heads above water and our content visible despite the above kind of attacks. Also helped me get a new pc having had my old one taken in a raid, new camera, microphone, mixer, gimbal etc THANK YOU to all who contribute big or small amounts and especially to those who PRAY for the children and the work to stay on the tail of those who harm them.

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Angie and Aaron xx