RITUAL in hooded robes observed in Lanzarote by Angie & 2 others! BLUE MOON

Hi Friends!

I officially retired on my 66th Birthday in June of this year, so you may have noticed a decrease in my output, especially with youtube videos! One can submit to family pressure to step off the front line, incurring collateral injuries for loved ones, one can be distracted with health issues and family inheritance squabbles..but ultimately, one or the royal we lol can never retire our conscience!

I took a week away in my beloved Lanzarote, having received a small interim release of funds from my deceased father’s estate. My assistant met me there as did a mutual friend, as currently my health is so bad, I had to have wheelchair assistance at the airports and rent a mobility scooter on the island. I was so embarrassed I avoided old friends and only bumped into one who might not have recognised me had one of my friends not told him it was Angie!!

This BLOG is because Aaron and I were taking a much needed break (his health is as fragile as mine if not more so) but we ended up RANDOMLY observing a Blue Moon Ritual in the villa just over the road from our rented accomodation….to be clear, it was the VILLA with arched windows not the immediate apartment beside us….the villa with gated windows and an 8 foot wall all around it….we observed a “party” commencing at midnight and ending around 4am where people just happened to be wearing long, white hooded robes!!

I was transitioning from an old phone to a new one and did not film. We were all frankly shocked and all we knew to do was PRAY which we did! I remembered Lisa Meister and other SRA survivor advocates saying the rituals and magick carried out by satanists were NO LONGER WORKING and it seemed to me that the frantic flapping around the garden by the Master of Ceremonies in full regalia shortly after midnight was because the demon summoning was not going so well! That is a supposition on my part but they did not seem like happy bunnies!

I WILL concede that within a few days of what appeared to be a high level, international Blue Moon Ritual, there were many small earthquakes on the island, and a massive one in nearby Morocco which has left thousands dead and missing.

Lord have mercy

I will send a copy of this blog to a Detective in Lanzarote Police…please feel free to share, and pray for our safety in releasing this information and the villa that DEFINITELY needs investigating and surveillance. After this blog it will no longer be the main ritual party house! Ooops, sorry not sorry.

As Aaron remarked, we did not feel safe to call the police at the time as two patrol cars were driving up and around the villa with no APPARENT reason to be there as it is a very quiet street.

The following is a quote from survivor advocate Lisa Meister regarding that Blue Moon of August 30th 2023 and I thought it worthy of sharing:

“Full moons are ritual targets and highly triggering for survivors, and blue moons even more so. Witches, occultists, and astrologers commandeer these occurrences in the skies to get demonic powers. Survivors of rituals can be highly triggered because of the extreme abuse that occurred during these times and healing is hard to get. We must remember that God made the times and season. He set the moon and made it to be full. He even created the ability for it to get the blue hue to get our attention. Did He not even set a star in the heavens to herald the birth of Jesus and capture the attention of the wise men? God speaks to us in the heavens. Let’s redeem this blue moon. Let’s heal from the past and redeem God speaking to us. Ask Abba what He wants to say to us with this blue moon of His creation. It’s healing and it’s redeeming. #healing #christianity #onlygodrescuedme #lisameister

HERE is the VIDEO TESTIMONY of three people who witnessed something that appeared truly like a movie (Eyes Wide Shut Anyone??) although more and more, we are seeing the darkness exposed

If you like me witnessed much evidence of satanism on the beautiful island of Lanzarote, statues and symbols openly in gardens much like the infamous island of JERSEY, please do contact us. I in no way wish any harm to this island I almost retired on, but as with this whole, fallen world, there are pockets of evil that involve the harming of children literally EVERYWHERE!

God bless, thank you for your support, I still would like to reach my goal before retiring my gofundme and no matter how Aaron and I try to rest, THE WORK NEVER STOPS!!! This is my gofundme and we are close to the target.

I am very active in my #field project but reluctant to share videos publically at the moment so I will soon be launching a MEMBERS section to my youtube channel for the diehard subscribers who have followed my cra cra journey for years!

GOOD NEWS on Anglesey re getting the word out in the Netherlands and Germany, and also regarding the little girl with autism but again, for safety and legal reasons I am only sharing details in a limited fashion at the moment. We ARE brave but not wanting to be dead heroes ha ha!

Love as always,

Angie and Aaron xxx