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Hi Friends, Foes and Countrymen!!

If you are a long time follower of my online work, you will know that ANKE HILL is a German born veterinarian who emigrated to the United Kingdom in the 90’s, married a supposed medical expert originally from Anglesey and then Cornwall, and after 7 alleged miscarriages, Anke had her miracle child when she was advanced in child bearing years…

I was contacted by a fellow veterinarian who had been friends with Anke for years and ridden out daily on horseback with her. accompanied by their beloved dogs. This vet friend, now retired, was shocked and horrified to hear the accusations against her dear friend Anke…

A couple of months ago, I got “served” with paperwork from WELSH courts accusing me of CONTEMPT OF COURT in the UK and demanding I take down multiple videos and tweets regarding the ANKE HILL case….I filmed the man with the Belfast accent delivering said paperwork, and challenged JURISDICTION as the last time I checked history, England could no longer dictate to the REPUBLIC of Ireland???

ANYWAY….when I published the threats from Northern Ireland or Wales, a VERY brave journalist from the NETHERLANDS contacted me, and offered to publish the details of the ANKE HILL CASE in the Netherlands, Germany and beyond to take the heat off myself and my team and to spread the TRUTH abroad.

Here are the articles published across Europe thus far….they feature in both English and German (Anke is a German native currenlty IMPRISONED in the UK for 15 years (for TRYING TO RESCUE HER ONLY BELOVED SON).

In German: / Auf Deutsch




In English:

Let us also NOT forget RICHARD FRITH who VERY mysteriously died in custody five days after arrest for ALLEGED kidnapping …allegedly by a tesco plastic bag self suffocation!

Come on Peeps…,they really are laughing at us!

Please SHARE this article and my blog as far and wide as you can. ANKE HILL was branded a child kidnapper, and so framed she was not even allowed a PHOTOGRAPH of her only begotten son in her prison cell….she was so grief stricken, she kept PAINTING over and over again her memory of her son …..

DISCLAIMER: I personally from much research suspect that WILFRED WONG was a government asset, and JON WEDGER was an undercover operative, both of whom in my opinion ENTRAPPED a desperate Mother namely ANKE HILL in a supposed rescue which turned out to be a propagandist KIDNAPPING SCANDAL with D Notices a la World War 2 in a futile attempt to suppress the TRUTH.

My assistant, myself and many others worldwide are attempting to CORRECT the lies and propaganda!

Please share this blog and information as widely as you can and THANK YOU!

Love as always!

Angie and Aaron xx